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There are a lot of problems with the real human urine, for example it smells bad and also spreads diseases when it is not preserved in the prescribed manner. It can freeze when stays out in the open air in cold weather and it is likely to decay when not kept under refrigeration. Also human urine is inconsistent: not every individual’s urine excretion is the same, what makes it difficult for the scientists when they conduct research study.

Synthetic urine was specifically developed and created for scientific research and laboratory testing and prevail over the shortfalls of the human urine. Drug testing is another area where synthetic urine is extensively used, because its non-toxicity makes its usage safe and also it can be heated any number of times in the laboratory unlike the human urine. It also doesn’t demand extreme preservation requirements, what makes laboratory testing easy and conducive.

Who else uses synthetic urine?

Since human urine is always smelly and not hygienic, the diapers manufacturers also make use of the fake pee to test their products.

Although synthetic urine is strictly not advised for internal consumption, some people believe that urine has therapeutic power. It is widely used by many Indian religions for urotherapy and in the preparation of medicines, because artificial substance is the best replacement for smelly human urine.

Synthetic urine can be very helpful at the science and medical labs where the urine tests take place regularly. Without this substance it would be impossible to check the accuracy of the tools that are used for the purpose of testing one’s ailment through their urine.

Besides this, a lot of people prefer carrying a small bottle of synthetic urine in their pocket as it would help them clear all urine tests that are conducted to check the presence of the banned substances like THC, cocaine, meth or ecstasy. Those who smoke marijuana always use this product to cover up for their lapse.

Synthetic urine is usually stored in a bottle that has a special feature of monitoring the temperature as the human urine is always at temperature ranging from ninety four Fahrenheit to one hundred and eight Fahrenheit. These bottles always have the purest form of urine and do not contain any type of impurities that a human urine sometimes contain. With the help of just few ounces of fake pee weed smokers can easily pass any kind of urine test across the world.

A lot of information about this substance is available on the internet and all the questions you can have about usage of synthetic urine are answered in detail.

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